Pascale’s t-shirts

Pascale's All Natural Ice Cream t-shirts for special order in Ottawa, Canada

Pascale’s t-shirt in avocado for ladies

Get your Pascale T-shirts!

$20.00, send an e-mail to put one aside for pick up at Ottawa Farmer’s market.

T-shirt colours:

Chocolate brown and gold for men

Avocado and chocolate brown for ladies

Baby blue and pink for the kids



One thought on “Pascale’s t-shirts

  1. Thanks for the Ice Cream!!! Pascale you made our Wednesday night with your delivery of sweet creamy deliciousness, me and Lisa will fly your flag anyday and will need some t-shirts for the upcoming summer! Thanks again, that was so kind of you! Next time we’re having a drink or two!
    Jordan aka 921 Merivale!

    P.S. Anything Peanut Butter/Chocolate in the works you let me know, i’ll sell my soul for that combo!

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